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Updated 10-7-13

Our Fall 2013 lineup of dogs for sale is stacking up nicely! Lots of started, Seasoned, and even Finished hunting dogs available.  I am currently preparing to leave for the HRC Grand and it doesn't look like I'll get as much information on the site as I had planned.  Please e-mail me because I have pictures and videos of several of them working.

***If you don't see what you're looking for, please e-mail.  We have 6 month old pups starting gundog training, and several others at various levels not listed below***

HR Washita's Pretty Boy Floyd SH (Master passes) - Chocolate Male  - $5,000

Floyd - Land Double
Floyd - Water Blind

"Feisty" - Yellow female - Seasoned / Finished level dog.  You won't lose birds with Feisty hunting with you.  - $5,000

Feisty - Land/water Series - Summer 2013
Feisty - Water Blind

"Chip" - Yellow male - Seasoned level retriever.  Nice handling, steady dog.  - $4,000

"DJ" - Black Male - True Started dog.  Through FF, OB, CC, mostly steady.  - $3,000

"Gravy" - Chocolate female - Seasoned level dog. Working on handling drills.  As fiery of chocolate female as you'll find.  Definitely a competitor!  - $4,000

"Trooper" - Dark yellow male - True Started dog - Through FF, OB, CC, Mostly steady - $3,000

"Raven" - Black female - Started / Seasoned dog - Handling, but not that great.  Fireball! - $4,000

All the dogs listed below have been sold. They are here so you can see what we have available at times, and possibly in the future. If you want something in particular that is not listed above, please don't hesitate to contact us. We have several pups that we have held back from our breedings and are in the process of training. One could be your special hunting and family companion!

SOLD Ranger” - Started Yellow Male – Whelped May 2009– Currently on pile work. Will move on to baseball, T, pattern blinds as soon as he's ready. Price right now is $3,000. It will go up as he progresses through training. (Discount available for owner leaving in training with Washita Retrievers)

Pictures / Video of Ranger

Ranger's Pedigree

SOLDAddie” - Started Chocolate female – (hunted 2 seasons, T handling drills) - Whelped November 28, 2008 - $3,000
Addie is a hard going, experienced Started / Seasoned chocolate female. She is very loving and good with the family. She has hunted with her owner for two seasons since she completed her initial training with Washita Retrievers. Now her owner is in the situation where it is best for him and his family as well as for Addie to sell her to a good home where she'll get to hunt a BUNCH. I can honestly say that hunting is what Addie loves. She loves to retrieve and she loves our training days, but hunting is where her heart is. Addie is through all her basics (CC, FF, OB, delivers to hand, mostly steady) and is currently running the T handling drills. We have also done some of the pile work in water. As Addie gets closer to running “cold” blinds, her price will move up to $3,500. Please feel free to contact me and come out to see Addie work.
Please click for Addie's Information

SOLDDunkin” - Started Black Male – Whelped May 10, 2008 – Available now - $3,500
Dunkin is a Started (working on seasoned) black male Labrador out of McDees Boomerang and Mtn Meadow Amazing Grace. He is through conditioned retrieve, delivers to hand, is steady, has been collar conditioned, and loves to retrieve birds and bumpers. Dunkin is through his walking fetch, pile work, baseball, T handling drills, and is running pattern and school blinds. The price listed above is subject to change as Dunkin progresses through his handling work toward becoming a full fledged Seasoned dog. Look for more information to come very soon on Dunkin.
Please click for Dunkin's Information

SOLDTeal” - Started Yellow Female Pointing Lab – Whelped September 2, 2006 - $3,000
Teal belongs to a friend and client of mine who does more upland (pheasant, quail, blue quail) hunting than anything else. He has learned that he will have knee replacement surgery in the very near future. That along with some other family illnesses has prompted him to sell Teal. Teal is force fetched, collar conditioned, steady (mostly), delivers to hand, and is a real fireball. I've had the opportunity to work with her the last few days and am impressed with her retrieving desire, drive, and marking ability. To me, she appears to be the kind of dog that could be trained to run any level. While I'm not into the pointing Labs, I understand what she does is exactly what they're wanting her to do. Her owner has hunted her in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota. He describes her as a very stylish pointing Labrador. Teal is originally from Sauk River Kennel where the original training was performed. For more information on how pointing Labs work and hunt, you might check out their website, www.saukriverlabs.com. I can vouch for Teal's abilities on the conventional retrieving side of things.
Please click for Teal's Information

Wrangler Has Been Sold! Wrangler” - Started / Seasoned level black male – Whelped July 2005 – Available now - $2,000 OBO
Rusty is a large black male. He has been force fetched, collar conditioned, delivers to hand, is through baseball and T handling drills, and runs pattern blinds. Wrangler hunted several times with me last duck season, but my best intentions of continuing his training this year fell through because of our placing priority on other dogs. Wrangler is the kind of dog that I believe will thrive with one-on-one attention from someone willing to spend some time. The prescription for Wrangler is to retrieve LOTS of ducks in hunting situations this year, to bond with someone who genuinly wants a good dog but just may not have the knowledge or time to teach a dog his basics, and to spend a ton of time being someone's good friend and family dog. Wrangler has some quirks that I believe he can work through with the right pairing between him and friend / owner / hunting companion. Please feel free to contact me with details about Wrangler.

Rip Has Been Sold! HR “Rip”

HR Barracuda's Riptide Beau II – Seasoned to Finished chocolate male – Whelped January 10, 2006 - Available now - $5,000
Rip is rarrin' to go. Rip obtained his Hunting Retriever title with a perfect five for five record, and a fellow can't ask much more than that from his dog! After passing two difficult finished tests in a row at Ark Valley HRC in Lamar, CO, he just needs two more to go for his Hunting Retriever Champion title. He sports an exceptionally loaded three generation pedigree with names like FC AFC CFC CAFC Barracuda Blue MH, 1996 NFC-AFC Storm Riptide Star, and 2xNAFC-FC-2xCNAFC-CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac. Rip is ready to hunt and hunted several times with me in the 2008-2009 hunting season. Check out the latest pictures of Rip linked below. He is doing a fine job, doesn't go crazy trying to tear down the blind or break on every bird, but rather sits there patiently and waits his turn...when hunting alone or with other retrievers. Rip has seen a lot of action and has made many nice retrieves...both marks and blinds. He is turning into a truly nice hunting dog. Please let me know if you have any questions about Rip or would like to visit us and watch Rip run.

Pictures of Rip

Rip's Pedigree

Rip's HR title

Video of Rip (water tripple, rerun on middle bird, under arc, down shore, channel blind)

Belle Has Been Sold!Belle” - Started / Seasoned Black Female – Whelped June 2007 – Available now - $3,750
More information to come – video available now (link)

Foxy has been sold! Washita's Cute Little Heartbreaker (Foxy) – Seasoned level “fox red” female - Whelped May 26, 2006 – Available October 1 - $5,000
Foxy is a small, fox red female that has been trained to the Seasoned level. After she finishes her current heat cycle, we plan to run her in a couple of Seasoned level HRC tests (mid to late September). Foxy is out of four of our finest over the years. Her grandparents are GMHR HRCH Keno Creek's KC and S Bullet MH, WR Washita's Root'n Toot'n Tina, GRHRCH WR Washita's Big Jake MH, and GRHRCH GMHR Oz's Yellow Fever of Washita MH, the most talented dog I've ever had the opportunity to work with. Foxy is running good Seasoned level double marks and good Seasoned level blind retrieves. She is a dog that has the background and talent needed to ultimately run with the “big dogs” in AKC Master tests or the HRC International Grand Hunts.

Pictures of Foxy

Cowboy has been sold! HRCH “Cowboy” (HRCH Washita's Eight Second Ride) – Finished yellow male – Available now - $8,000
Cowboy is a son of 2xNAFC FC AFC Candlewoods Ramblin Man and Cougars Goin For Alleyoopmgp MH. DOB: March 10, 2005. Cowboy will be the perfect hunting companion. He is friendly, loves kids, and loves to please. He managed to obtain his Hunting Retriever Champion title with only one failed test, his first attempt at Finished. Since that test, he has passed 6 finished tests in a row and currently holds 130 HRC championship points. He also has one Master pass in AKC. Cowboy hunted for me during last years duck season, but this one will be his first “all out” season. He deservs to get to go as often as possible! If you're interested in purchasing Cowboy, I would LOVE to work with you to ensure he gets the opportunity to finish out his Master Hunter title as well as his Grand Hunting Retriever Champion title. Cowboy is OFA LR-174698F37M-VPI and CERF Clear.

Blue has been sold: Washita's Call Me Cookie Monster (Blue) – Started level black male – Whelped May 17, 2007 – Available now - $2,500
Blue is a large boned black male running at the Started / Junior level. He is force fetched, collar conditioned, delivers to hand, and has seen tons of marks on the land and in the water. He is out of our very own GRHRCH Washita's One Hot Tamale MH and Riverwalk's Miss Casey JH. Blue is a happy dog that is all about retrieving ducks. He is ready for his first hunting season and to bond with a new hunting / training partner.

Pictures of Blue

Duke has been sold! Duke – Projected Seasoned Level yellow Male – Available Mid to Late October, 2007 - $3,500 – Duke can be held with a deposit of $1000.
Duke is a product of four great Washita Retriever dogs. Duke's grandparents are GMHR Keno Creek's KC and S Bullet MH, WR Washita's Root'n Toot'n Tina, GRHRCH WR Washita's Big Jake MH, and last but not least, GRHRCH, GMHR Oz's Yellow Fever of Washita MH, the most talented dog I've ever worked with. When we saw that there was a yellow male pup available from this breeding, we didn't hesitate to pick him up. Please feel free to contact me regarding Duke.

Samson has been sold! Samson – Started Level Black Male – Available Mid June, 2007 - $2,000 – Samson can be held with a deposit of $500
Samson is a hard-going ball of fire. He's about 70 lbs, quick off the line, a nice marker, and an all-around stylish dog. He is collar conditioned, gone through conditioned retrieve program, delivers to hand, and is (mostly) steady. Furthermore, he has seen tons of marking concepts on land and water. Samson is a dog that can definitely go to the next level. If you are wanting a seasoned or finished level black male, Samson could be the dog for you. Feel free to contact me regarding Samson and whether he would be the right dog for you and your family.

Pictures of Samson

Samson's pedigree

Gracie has been sold! Yellow Female – Finished level (Finished pass) – Available Now – HR “Gracie” - Born December, 2003
Gracie is out of GRHRCH Riverwalk's Gunner Boy MH and Casey's Sandy Surprise SH
Gracie is a hard-going yellow female fireball. Bottom line for her is that retrieving is her life. That's what she loves to do the most. Gracie is currently running HRC Finished – Finished level triples and finished level blinds. She has hunted ducks numerous times this season and has turned into a GREAT hunting dog. She's learned to pay attention to the sky in order to scan for ducks. Gracie will be your best friend if you let her.. The price for Gracie is $6,000. She is available now.
Check out the new video of Gracie below!

Gracie Video - Land series - March 2007

More Gracie Video - Water Series (3 technical singles and under arc, along the shoreline, past an island blind) - March 2007

Gracie Video – Water Series – July 2007

Pictures of Gracie

Rusty has been sold! Black Male – HR “Rusty” – Born July 2005
Rusty is out of GMHR HRCH Keno Creek's KC and S Bullet MH and Riverwalk's Miss Casey JH
Rusty is an 85 pound black male. He achieved his Hunting Retriever title this fall by passing three out of three seasoned tests. Rusty is a calm dog who spent last hunting season hunting ducks and geese. He also gets a kick out of hunting for the occasional upland bird. Rusty is close to running HRC Finished tests. He is running Finished level land and water blinds and we expect a good hunting season to spur him ahead to more consistent Finished level marking by the spring. Rusty is a very friendly dog who will make a great combination hunting retriever / family dog. The price for Rusty is $4,000.

Rusty – Water video – October 2007

Pictures of Rusty

Rusty's Pedigree

If you are interested in purchasing any of these dogs and continuing their training with Washita Retrievers, feel free to contact us for more information.

The following are some of the trained retrievers that I have sold in the past.  They are not currently available:

Polly – Seasoned Black Female - Download/Open Polly Video
Bu – Seasoned Black Female - Bu video - mid August
Molly – Started Chocolate Female - Download/Open Molly video
Ruby – Seasoned Level Black Female - Information / Pictures
Timber – Seasoned Level Black Female - Information / Pictures
WR Washita’s Pete      "Char" - Started black male     Pedigree    Pictures of Char.    "Thunder" - Started yellow female     Pedigree    Pictures
Bo (link)
- Black male,   WR Washita's Root'n Toot'n Tina - Yellow Female,   Timber - Black female, "Sabre" - Started  to Intermediate level black male   Pedigree    Pictures

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